Hey!  I’m Teagan, a human, traveler, student, and a designer of sound, graphics, fashion, burritos & life. I believe in the good of our human potential & in our ability to create a peaceful, awakened, harmonized species, one who cares for the bettering of earth & all her children to come.  I designed the first Human Kind Be t-shirt in 2016 with the intention to motivate myself and our tribe to keep moving towards our higher purposes & better good of all living things.  
  Now more than ever before in my lifetime, we are in need of loving reminders that we are all in this together, as one Human Tribe... here is my little way to do just that! Human Kind Be is quickly turning into a People-Planet-Profit-Purpose company to give back, bring awareness & build wealth of Spirit to better our Earth & the creatures who dwell here for ours and all generations to come.  We do this my making sustainable lifestyle products, providing educational resources & programs, creating and uplifting local and global initiatives.... AND, we are just getting started!
My prayer... May all HUMAN KIND BE:
Free, Peaceful, Kind, Creative, Humorous, Aware, Positive, Sustainable, Compassionate, Honest, Respectful, Expressive, inspired, Humble,Passionate, Uplifting, Transformed, Brilliant, Brave, intuitive, Conscious, Courageous, joyful, curious, focused, grateful, honorable, Motivated, hopeful, open & Strong in the Force!
In unity,
  This was our first step at translating the golden kindness message onto fabric.  Our next round of production is eco-friendly, made with sustainability and life cycle at the lead. Get at us if you feelin' the vibes!  We love connecting.  <3 @humankindbe